HERO and BENJI Financing Available!

All About Plumbing is proud partners with Renovate America to allow homeowners the opportunity to finance their essential plumbing repairs! We offer both HERO and Benji financing, which charge minimal interest rates, and offer home owners the ability to finance necessary plumbing repairs, for a reasonable monthly payment! Renovate America has 2 different programs they offer: HERO and Benji financing.

HERO financing allows a customer to finance certain plumbing repairs through the property tax they already pay on their home. There is, of course, a fee for the financing, but it is very reasonable. The HERO program allows a customer to spread their payments out as far as 25 years!

Benji financing allows a customer to finance any project we offer, and allows a customer to pay a reasonable interest rate and select the term lengths (number of years) they set up. Benji also sends you a monthly bill, and allows you to manage your financing easily. You can set up a lower monthly payment, for those hard months, then pay extra if you choose to! There is no penalty for paying early!

Please call our office at 760-231-1333 and ask to speak with Meghan, our financing specialist.